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From the water’s source, to its course and final destination, Anthony Archer-Wills masterfully shapes the water world. 

Inspired as a schoolchild watching water well up from the ground in the woods, Archer-Wills began designing water gardens in the 1960s, and has gone on to create more than 2,000 works of landscape art. He brings to his craft a strong foundation in historic water garden design, an original artistic vision, and a keen ability to emulate nature. 

From formal water gardens in his native England, to large estate works and private gardens for residences small and grand, the scope of Archer-Wills’ work, his influence and pioneering building techniques span several continents. 

His body of work is widely lauded, described as “some of the most stunning compositions in rocks, plants and earth ever created by anyone, anywhere.*” 

He enjoys working closely with clients to develop a cost-effective scheme appropriate to their setting.

* Eric Herman, Editor, WaterShapes magazine

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